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Project title:
Expansion of the company PPHU EUROKARTON WIOLETTA HUSAR into new foreign markets promoting the product of corrugated cardboard packaging

Objective and planned outcome of the project:
The company expects that as a result of the implementation of internationalisation it shall:
a) acquire new foreign markets in the Ukraine and Russia;
b) increase its revenues by exporting products to the above-mentioned countries by at least PLN 2.2 million by the end of 2024;
c) develop its activities thanks to the experience gained through international business cooperation;
d) obtain an increase in income, which in turn will allow for new investments, e.g. purchase of new machinery and equipment necessary to increase production capacity;
e) establish new international contacts, which will allow for further foreign expansion into new markets.

Measurable effects of project implementation:
- Number of internationalisation business models prepared for implementation - 1;
- Number of new markets (countries) where the applicant has reached readiness to start selling products - 2;
- Number of organised channels for handling business processes to be implemented in target markets - 2.

Project value:
The total value of the project is - PLN 731,850.00 (in words: seven hundred thirty one thousand eight hundred fifty zlotys 00/100)

European Funds contribution:
Project co-financing constituting de minimis aid - 505, 750.00PLN (in words: five hundred and five thousand seven hundred and fifty zlotys 00/100)

Implementation period:
01.01.2021 – 31.03.2022